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The solution they produced was fairly priced and top quality, reducing our time to launch. As a small company with limited resources we can’t afford to make expensive mistakes. Toptal provided us with an experienced programmer who was able to hit the ground running and begin contributing immediately. It has been a great experience and one we’d repeat again in a heartbeat. Toptal makes connecting with superior developers and programmers very easy. Allows corporations to quickly assemble teams that have the right skills for specific projects.

php laravel developer

Get started with a free trial of our Application Hosting or Database Hosting. As Laravel developers need to wear many hats at work, becoming a Laravel developer can be very lucrative. According to, the average Laravel developer in the United States makes $78,584 per year (June 28, 2021).

Years of Experience

With over 50 projects under his belt, he has the real-life experience needed to make applications successful. For web developers and those who want to begin a web developer career, learning Laravel can add to their toolset and simplify web application development projects. With web frameworks, developers begin with a structure for application development, as well as a host of tools to add features and complexities.

According to Stack Overflow’s survey, 10.1% of professional developers use Laravel, compared with the 40.1% that use React.js. However, Laravel is a framework that more than 779,682 live websites use. Laravel’s popularity is growing and is an increasingly important framework for live sites around the world.

How to Become a Laravel Developer

It was so much faster and easier than having to discover and vet candidates ourselves. Toptal’s ability to rapidly match our project with the best developers was just superb. The developers have become part of our team, and I’m amazed at the level of professional commitment each of them has demonstrated. For those looking to work remotely with the best engineers, look no further than Toptal.

php laravel developer

The Laravel recruitment management system is a handy way to address the management challenges of the recruitment process when hiring Laravel developers. It is an application that makes it simpler for Laravel developers to apply for your vacancy through your website and can be compared to an applicant tracking system. With the responsibilities of Laravel developers in mind, it’s important to search for someone with the right skills to ensure they can complete these tasks. As well as some essential technical skills, you must also find out whether your candidates have the right soft skills. A Laravel developer is a software professional who specializes in the Laravel framework.

What Are the Responsibilities of a Laravel Developer?

We’ve already provided a Laravel job description template in our blog post, How to write a PHP Laravel developer job description, so check this out for more information. If you need to create a more robust application and ensure that your organization’s online presence is strong, using the available services from Laravel development companies is ideal. Simply look at the many available Laravel development companies to assist your team. They can support your organization’s projects and ensure they’re completed efficiently.

php laravel developer

When you deploy new assets, Inertia will automatically perform the next request as a full page load, so your users will have the latest assets without missing a beat. Your application’s initial page load will return an Inertia-powered SPA and page props in a single request. Subsequent requests from clicking links or submitting forms will automatically return only the page props that are needed.

PHP / Laravel developer job description

Laracon has taken place in the United States, Europe and online in the past.[49][50] Typically, the conference happens in the United States and Europe every year. 2017 was the first year a Laracon was held as an online event only. Each year the conference has a different variety of sponsors and organizers, but Laravel, Laravel News and UserScape are usually the primary organizers.

Pair Laravel and its rich ecosystem with Livewire, React, or Vue to build your next big idea and ship faster than you ever thought possible. No, PHP does not support method overloading in the traditional sense, where a developer can define multiple methods with the same name but different parameters. However, PHP does support optional and variable-length arguments, which can achieve similar functionality. Optional arguments allow defining default values for parameters, while variable-length arguments enable handling a varying number of arguments within a single method. The developers I was paired with were incredible — smart, driven, and responsive. Despite accelerating demand for coders, Toptal prides itself on almost Ivy League-level vetting.

Laravel developers use the framework to build new web applications for their companies or clients. As a Laravel programmer, you’ll build various applications, including static, single-page (SPA), multi-page (MPA), dynamic, and portal web applications. For authentication, you may leverage Laravel’s secure, cookie-based authentication. Or, you may use Laravel Sanctum or Laravel Passport if you’re building a mobile application or your frontend is hosted separately from your back-end API. Livewire is a modern way to build dynamic interfaces using server-rendered templates instead of a JavaScript framework. It combines the simplicity and speed of building a server-rendered application with the user experience of a JavaScript SPA.

  • This article will explain what Laravel developers are and answer all your questions about the role, outlining what Laravel developers do and shedding light on the Laravel framework.
  • Once you’ve completed a PHP tutorial, you’ll need to read the official documentation written by PHP’s creators.
  • Support for real-time validation, event handling, file downloads, authorization and more is included.
  • But if you’re a non-technical recruiter, it can be challenging to understand the full scope of a Laravel developer’s role.
  • Mid-level Laravel developer – They can solve common problems but may require oversight in the integration of a solution into the project.

You are free to use any code editor you wish when developing Laravel applications; however, PhpStorm offers extensive support for Laravel and its ecosystem, including Laravel Pint. Your .env file should not be committed to your application’s source control, since each developer / server using your application could require a different environment configuration. Furthermore, this would be a security risk in the event an intruder gains access to your source control repository, since any sensitive credentials would get exposed. If you’re developing on Linux and Docker Compose is already installed, you can use a simple terminal command to create a new Laravel project. Once these tools are installed, you may open any Laravel project by executing the code .

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